Beijing brothers moving company set up in 1993, is set moving, transportation, warehousing, packaging as one of the large moving transport company

Company Profile

Beijing brothers moving company is depending on the quality of service for the life of the company. Over the years the brothers moved the company by all the praise, so far the Beijing brothers have moved to become a set of residents to move, the company moved, plant warehouse relocation, Long distance moving, international moving, freight, goods packaging, furniture, air conditioning disassembly, piano handling, large lifting as one of the large Beijing moving company.

Beijing brothers moving company was established in 2000, for the joint-stock enterprises. Under the nine branches: Zhongguancun moving company, the Asian Games Village moving company, moving the company, moving the company, the operating network covering Beijing. Beijing brothers moving company has a van and open type and other models. Beijing brothers moving company has a complete supporting transport equipment, and in the internal implementation of computer network information management, and the implementation of the satellite positioning system, the vehicle time monitoring, making the vehicle deployment more reasonable and efficient. Beijing brothers moving company through unremitting efforts to obtain the ISO9000 certification, and earlier put forward the “tailor-made personalized value-added services” concept, in the realization of the optimal transport routes, the most economical stock and the best combination of goods to make Make unremitting efforts. Beijing brothers moving company relying on more than 10 years of efficient service experience, excellent service team and a strong partner, Beijing moving company has become the industry’s leading professional moving service providers for domestic and foreign customers to provide quality services and win The majority of users of the trust and praise. Beijing brothers moving company in the control process, to meet the needs of continuous development, industry-leading operating principles, and actively promote the construction of moving information systems, and the establishment of people-oriented corporate culture.

Beijing brothers moving company core values:

“Integrity service”.
Integrity for the shareholders, is for the interests of the majority of shareholders, for shareholders to maximize the value and achieve the greatest return on investment.
Integrity for customers, that is, customer-centric, and establish a customer-oriented service concept, do not promise can not do things.
Integrity for the staff, honest and trustworthy, honest and honest is the important quality of staff. The manager should first be a quality person. Integrity also includes the employee’s responsibility and loyalty to the business.

“Respect for personality”. – Cbt
Respect the rights of employees, personality, to help employees establish self – confidence;
Respect the rights and dignity of the customer;
“Serious professional”.
Serious, that is, employees have a high sense of responsibility and positive initiative to meet customer needs and fully committed.
Professional, that is, employees should have professional quality, through learning, training and development to enhance professional knowledge, professional level, to provide customers with professional services, shaping the image of specialized enterprises. Professionalism is first an attitude, followed by an attitude. ( Hadera CPA )