Important principles when moving

Important principles when moving. To reduce delivery time, simplify theImportant principles when moving process. Handling is carried out at the point of connection between the transport and custody, so the time and place of the connection must be well considered. Try to avoid wasting time. Handling by itself does not improve the value of the item, although damage, defacement and other reasons do reduce the value. Therefore, unnecessary handling should be avoided.

Important principles when moving

Coordination of operations, improve efficiency. Even if a simple conveyance operation is carried out by using a conveyor belt, the operation is composed of three movements that are moved on the conveyor belt and both ends are loaded and unloaded. If these operations can not be carried out in a coordinated manner, the operation can not be carried out efficiently and efficiently. Therefore, we must analyze the various operations process, taking into account the balance of the basic action and timely, to avoid the goods in the middle of stagnation or wait.

Comprehensive consideration, improve handling flexibility. The goods stacked in the way of transport must be re-transported, so the goods must be carefully considered in advance, so that the subsequent handling is easy to carry, which is called handling flexibility. In order to improve the handling of the flexibility, the packaging must be easy to mention the goods; in order to lifting the lifting equipment with heavy wooden box, wooden box should be easy to hang rope, etc., all of these must be considered comprehensive.

Group bonding days use natural forces and mechanical force. Such as the use of gravity, reduce friction resistance, etc., can be a corresponding reduction in physical labor. Modern enterprises should rely on electronic computers, to achieve automation and unmanned for the construction of handling system objectives.

The implementation of containerization. In addition to soybean, wheat, ore and other granular objects in bulk processing, in the processing of packaged goods, the best implementation of the container, with mechanical processing. The purpose of containerization is to summarize the following points: to expand the processing unit, improve work efficiency; improve handling flexibility; so that the processing units are equal, in order to operate the standard; do not touch the items in order to achieve the effect of protection of goods.

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