Piano Moving

Piano Moving. For moving a piano, handling skills are needed. Real estate lawyer Shtilman said the piano is generally about 250 kg, about the time to move the piano, please do not think that the piano has a wheel, on the ground to push. In the handling process according to the instructions of the box to operate the instructions. When handling, check whether the box is strong and prevent the box from loosening the piano. Piano, is a kind of delicate instrument, if encountered with a strong shock, the internal parts are could damage, the pitch will also be affected. After the main weight of the piano, that is, in the iron row of columns. So be sure to avoid tilting when handling piano. (Such as a forklift from the back of the piano). It is best not to remove the piano parts during handling. If you remove the floor due to the handling space, remove the top cover, door, door and hit the machine. (Please disassemble with experienced professionals)

Piano Moving

The best transport when the packaging, handling the first check the upper and lower doors are stuck to prevent the fall. Flat piano forward encountered when the ground rugged, should not be forced to push, so as not to break the piano. In the up and down the stairs, the piano and the ground tilt angle of not more than 70 degrees, and to prevent the tilt handling. Prohibition of piano open and rainy days. When the car as a means of transport, at least four or five people to complete, because the vertical piano center of gravity close to the back, piano back more than the number of people before the car to the car, the front three people, behind Two people, behind the people lifted to withstand the front of the people carrying the bottom of the piano, raised into the car, and then go up a person to the car pull up, so that people can push Put the piano on the car.

Handling Piano when Moving

The piano onto the car, the best fear of leaning in front of the trunk, which should be padded mats, etc., it is best to please Beijing phone company to prevent the back and the car friction. Long-distance transport under the piano bottom under the best pad on the two articles, so that the foot hanging. The body must be wrapped outside the quilt, and then tied with a rope tied to the car firmly in the car, in order to prevent the rope will paint the piano, in the rope and piano contact place. Especially at the corners, the rope below to pad something. In addition, it should be noted that the piano can not be supine in the car, can not put a piano in the middle of the trunk to prevent the car before and after the piano around the shaking damage internal parts. If the weather is not good, be sure to take rain measures, the piano car should be slow, not brakes.

If the piano needs to be moved upstairs, it is best to have four to five people. Beijing moving company will remind you, to first of all ensure the safety of the piano, while the piano can not crash, draw rub. The appearance of protection is more important than the inside. The back of the piano toward the wall, the keyboard towards the stairs of the handrail. They are under the three, on the best, with a wide cloth with a mess on the shoulders of the piano hand. At the same time grasp the back of the handle and the keyboard under the keyboard (can not pull the piano legs), lift the piano drums on the floor and then rest. Special note is that the side of the keyboard can not touch the hand, the car can not touch the stairs. To a floor when the corner to be careful to touch, adjust the direction and then lift up and move up. Into the door, but also be careful to rub the door frame, to ensure the final safe to put the piano in a good position.

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